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Disaster Management Act: Regulations: during Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown

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South African Citizenship

South African Citizenship by Birth

The following persons are South African citizens by birth:

  • Persons born in South Africa before October 6, 1995.

  • Persons born in or out of wedlock on or after October 6, 1995 if one of his or her parents is either a South African citizen or a permanent resident. For those born before October 6, 1995 the mother of the child must have been a South African citizen at the time of the birth of the child.

  • Persons born in South Africa, not having the nationality of any other country and whose birth is registered.

  • Person born outside South Africa and whose parents were at the birth of the child in the service of the South African Government, representative, employee of a person, association of person resident, established in South Africa, was in the service of international organization to which the Government of South Africa is a member.

South African Citizenship by Descent

The following persons are South African citizens by decent:

  • Persons born outside South Africa of whom one of his or her parents was a South African citizen at the time of his or her birth and whose births are registered.

  • Persons born outside South Africa, adopted by a South African citizen, and whose birth is registered.

  • Any person in Namibia on or after March 21, 1990 whose mother or father was a South African citizen at the time of the birth of the child.

  • Adopted child whose responsible parent was issued with a certificate of resumption of citizenship and has entered South Africa for permanent residence while he or she was a minor and whose birth was registered within a year after the certificate of resumption was issued.

Checklist of Documents to be Submitted:

Application has to be filed IN PERSON with the followings BY APPOINTMENT:

Checklist coming soon

Processing Time:

Civic application takes 6-9 months (-/+) for processing by Department of Home Affairs in South Africa