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Central Plaza Roundtable - Lector SA

The South African Consulate would like to invite you for a Central Plaza Roundtable on the 23rd May at 15:00pm. Thomas and Minda Marshal will present on the Lab-on Line education support system.

LectorSA is a South African-based company which developed the Lab-on-line System based on more than 30 years of research and development. The R&D division produced their first computerized intervention software during 1992 and ever since have remained at the forefront with their research and development of timeous solutions to the marketplace.

Lector® is different from traditional development and intervention as it:

• Have an improved lifestyle focal point, application and outflow.

• Is focused on individuals and groups and therefore is a mass consumer enhancement market product. • Is in line with international research on student development, intervention and standard of living maximization.

• Opens up new opportunities to students by equipping them to bypass the limitations produced by traditional and more ‘closed’ conventional methods of reading and learning.

• Lab-on-line is a cloud-based solution and accessible 24/7, which makes application in most environments possible. Our users can log-on anytime from anywhere and continue with their skills development course.

Please see attached company profile, and Lab Success information.

Central Plaza Roundtable

Date: 23rd May 2017

Time: 15:00-16:30

Venue: South African Consulate-General, Suites 1906-8, 19/F, Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai

15:00 -15:05 Welcome by Consul General Ntshinga

15:05 – 15:10 Introduction of presentation speakers Consul Naidoo

15:10 – 15:40 Lab on line presentation

15:40 – 16:00 Questions and discussion

16:00 – 16:30 Networking

Please confirm your participation on email info@sacg.hk We look forward to welcoming you to the South African Consulate. You can find more information of Lector SA on: www.lectorsa.com